Shipping & Returns

In Frutasweet we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is very important. That’s why we try to make deliveries of our products as fast as possible, at the moment we only make deliveries in Panama City, charges would be apply depending on destination to make sure that your product will arrive in perfect condition with best time delivery.

All our arrangements are made based on your orders, to ensure the freshness of them we recommend place your order in advance to ensure the delivery date, all fruits and ingredients we use are fresh, without preservatives or chemicals so our products they are perishable.

If at the time of delivery no one receive the product, we will contact the customer according to the numbers given us as a contact, to coordinate who will receive the product. If changing the delivery address delivery charges will be made. If we are unable to contact the customer the product will be returned to our store, because it is a perishable product and must be pick up at our physical address.

No refunds in case the person is not in the time of delivery will be made. Your product will be stored in our offices for 24 hours after the day of delivery.

Frutasweet arrangements are always fresh, so must be taste it when you recive to ensure its flavor, freshness and texture. It is preferable not refrigerate them, but if they will not be consumed during 8 hours after delivery must be refrigerated and the arrangement will last 24 hours.

Delivery will be confirmated by Frutasweet according the date suggested by the customer, the criteria applied are as follows:

Monday to Saturday: Orders placed before 12 a.m. will be delivered the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 a.m. (require Frutasweet confirmation)

Sunday: Orders made on Sundays will be delivered on Monday from 11 a.m. unless confirmation is received from Frutasweet indicating a same day delivery.

For Holidays we indicated on our website the times that apply.

Frutasweet will make every effort to deliver your order at the designated time, however, we are exempt from liability if the schedule is not met for reasons beyond our reach.

Shipping price list by destination:

Destino Precio
12 de Octubre 5
Albrook 6
Ancón 6
Balboa Ancon 7
Bella Vista 5
Bethania 5
Brisas del Golf 13
Calidonia 5
Calle 50 5
Campo Limbergh 8
Cerro Viento 11
Chanis 6
Clayton - Ciudad del Saber 9
Coastway Amador 9
Coco del Mar 5
Condado Del Rey  6
Corozal 8
Costa del Este 8
Costa Sur Juan Diaz 12
Curundú 5
Diablo 7
El Cangrejo 5
El Chorrillo 7
El Dorado 5
Juan Diaz 15
La Alameda 5
La Boca 7
La Loceria 5
Metromall 10
Miraflores 5
Obarrio 5
Paitilla 5
Panama Pacifico - Howard 15
Paraiso Las Exclusas 15
Parque Lefevre 6
Pueblo Nuevo 5
Punta Pacifica 5
Rio Abajo 5
San Antonio 13
San Felipe 6
San Francisco 5
San Miguelito Centro 11
Santa Ana 6
Santa Maria Tumba Muerto 5
Tocumen 18
Transístmica 5
Tumba Muerto 6
Via España 5
Villa de las Fuentes 6
Villa Lucre 9
Vista Hermosa 5

These policies were amended on May 15, 2016