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Offered products: Edible arrangements are made by hand and for this reason there can never be two identical arrangements. Professionals strive to make your order is as close to the image you've chosen. The fruit compositions appearing on this website, given its nature of perishable and seasonal products, may vary its composition, structure, color and content of the fruit used, due to the existence of stock sometimes limited, seasonal fruits. It is clarified that the photographs presented in this site are only for illustration. However, it is guaranteed that the price the customer pays will always be included in the fruit and the final composition of the product.

All orders are processed after it has been confirmed 100% payment by either:

  • PágueloFácil: You will be redirected to link PágueloFácil for payments with Visa, Mastercard and American Express card (PágueloFácil will confirm the transaction approved in a few moments).
  • Bank transfers or deposits: You must send proof of transfer or deposit mail and wait for confirmation.
  • Card payments or cash, must be presented to our local to cancel the order before the day of delivery.

Orders are not provided when the credit card number is fraudulent, or when there is suspicion of it. Once the order placed by the user, this cannot override it when your process is running.

If there is a complaint or issue you can send an email to or contact our customer service department at (+507) 6935-8318 from Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. claims will be considered if performed until 24 hours after the delivery date. If the claim is justified, if the complaint proceed a new product will be made or the accion that applies.

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These policies were amended on May 15, 2016.